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The Best Color Ever!

Cobalt blue goblets

Do you love cobalt blue?

Wonderful! I'm glad you're here! This site is for everyone who loves the blue cobalt color, in whatever form you love it.

Whether you've just started to love this beautiful hue -- or you collect everything in it that you can get your hands on -- you are welcome here.

Did you know how many blue cobalt things there are? It's incredible! If you wanted to, you could have every single thing you own be cobalt blue. Everything!

(of course, you don't have to, but if you did, you could)

I suspect that you have your own favorite item (after all, you're here!). So come share a picture of your prized possession with us, and see what other people have shared!

Cobalt Blue Makes Anything Amazing

Just a few of the beautiful things you'll see here:

Learn the history of cobalt blue, how the color is produced, how it's used, and where to find just about ANYTHING in cobalt blue.

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed looking at your web site!  Cobalt is definitely my favorite shade of blue and my favorite color of all time. Nothing else compares to it. Keep up the great work on your site!" -- Michael M

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