What is it about Cobalt Blue Tarantulas?

What makes them so appealing, so desirable? Is it their stunning color?

Of course! There is absolutely nothing more exotic, alluring, and fascinating than a gorgeous blue spider!

Viewed in the right light (natural sunlight is best, if possible) Cobalt Blue Ts are truly stunning, earning them their reputation for being the “jewels” of the tarantula world.

But what else?

There are other blue spiders, each appealing in their own way, but there’s just SOMETHING about that Blue Cobalt. What could it be?

Is it their active habits?  Certainly!

Cobalt Blue Tarantulas are fast, bold movers, seemingly unafraid of anyone or anything. They are strong hunters, swift and aggressive in attacking their prey. Cobalt Blues are even famous for being too difficult and dangerous for beginner tarantula keepers.

Still, there is just something more…

Could it be their mystery? Cobalt Blues are an enigma.

We know what part of the world they are from (Southeast Asia), but what do we know about them, really? Not much.

The true appeal of Cobalt Blue Tarantulas is the DISCOVERY, the ongoing learning process that is the joy of keeping them.

Discover the Cobalt Blue Tarantula

Cobalt Blues have so much to teach us – about themselves, about captive Ts, and even about ourselves as keepers. They, and only they, can show us what we know, and don’t know, about keeping Cobalt Blue Tarantulas, not just alive, but WELL.

Let’s explore the exciting, intriguing and ever-unfolding world of the Cobalt Blue, together – shall we?