Real Blue Ladybug Pictures!

No Photoshop necessary -- I'm going to show you some REAL blue ladybug pictures!

The steel blue lady beetle (Halmus chalybeus) is described as about 4 mm long and dark metallic blue.

This ladybug is originally from Australia, but since this beautiful Aussie ladybeetle loves to eat pests that bother citrus trees such as black scale, blue gum scale, aphids, and mites, it has been introduced in other places such as New Zealand, Hawaii and the continental US.

Here's more photos from

Some more (really good) photos from the Dave's Garden website.

A really nice article about the lifecycle of the steel blue ladybug, with even more pictures!

The dark blue lady beetle (Curinus coeruleus) is dark metallic blue with two orange markings on the front of its shell, right beside its head.

This one is native to the Caribbean and eats many kinds of tree pests, so it ended up being introduced in Florida by way of Mexico in the 1950's. It's also found in India and southeast Asia.

Its larva eats the larva of the Asian tiger mosquito which can carry dengue fever and other diseases, so this little ladybug is a really useful insect.

Here's an article with more pictures of the adult ladybug as well as its infant and pupa (cocoon) forms.

The Montezuma lady beetle (Thalassa montezumae) is also dark metallic blue with orange spots -- in fact, it looks an awful lot like the dark blue lady beetle -- except that the spots are on its sides.

It's found native from South America as far north as Arizona and Texas, and also eats insects that prey on citrus trees.

Have Some Real Blue Ladybug Pictures?

Real blue ladybugs are rare, and good photos of them even rarer. Show off your blue ladybug pictures here!

Please include which blue ladybug this is, how you found it, and where you took the picture.

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I had no idea! 
Oh my goodness I had no idea there were BLUE ladybirds in Australia! Do they live in a particular area of the country? I live in Queensland and thought …

First Encounter at the age of 47 Not rated yet
They love the mint in the gardens of the German/Dutch border, and nothing else. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your photos!

Blue Ladybug in London Not rated yet
Hi, I live in central London in the UK. As I was about to squeeze some saline solution onto the contact lenses in my eyes, I noticed something odd. …

My First Blue Lady Bug Not rated yet
This beautiful bliue creature took a ride on my arm last summer. I was on the North Shore of Long Island in my sister's yard on a perfect sunny day. It …

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