All Kinds Of Cobalt Blue Insect Pictures

Here are links to many different cobalt blue insect pictures. I've been looking for insects to show you, and it's been fun to discover how many insects are cobalt blue or close to it.

So what sorts of cobalt insect have I found so far?


A real blue ladybug

The ladybug is a fascinating insect, but most people think they only come in red. Would you like some blue ladybug pictures?

I have found three different kinds of ladybugs, and you can see pictures of them here.

These are pictures of real live ladybugs -- I promise they are NOT Photoshopped!


The blue morpho butterfly

Do you love butterflies? Then you will especially like this collection of cobalt blue butterflies from all over the world.

Some of the largest ... and the smallest ... and the most unusual ... and the rarest (!) butterflies in the world just happen to be our favorite color.

And did you know that one insect in this group has helped make scientific advances in color technology that you probably hold in your hands everyday?

Pretty good for a cute little bug.


Cobalt blue tarantula

Do you like spiders? I love them!

While spiders are not technically classified as an insect, I think they belong on a "bug" page, don't you? And here's a good one for those of you who love them too ... The shyest and yet most ferocious of all the blue bugs is the cobalt blue tarantula!

While you could keep one as a pet (and I describe how), they aren't recommended for everyone, for good reason ... even the babies bite!

Look at more pictures of this beautiful and amazing spider here.

Of course, there are many more cobalt blue insects in the world. As I find a new insect, I'll update my site feed to let you know about it!

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