Cobalt Blue Behr Paints:
Which Shade Is Best?

Behr Paints has quite a few dark blue paint colors, and I wanted to see which one would be the best, if (for example) you wanted to have cobalt blue interior and/or exterior paints on your home.

Let's Investigate Online

I started by going to the Behr website and looking at their interactive color and style pickers. It's really quite fun.

As it turns out, they had several paint colors that seemed good:

But it's difficult to choose paints online, because everyone has different color settings, brightness settings, and so on for their monitors, which means that what I see on my monitor might be different than what you see on yours, and that might be different from what the paint color is really like.

A Behr Paints Roadtrip!

So I went to Home Depot one day and brought home some paint chips from the Behr Paints section to see what they looked like:

It seemed to me that the Behr Navy Blue (S-H-580) paint chip matched most closely with my Blue Willow plates, although if that color was desaturated still further I think it could be a better match.

Behr's paint chip "Award Blue" (590B-7) matched my glasswear the best:

The Liberty (580D-6) and Deep Royal (580D-7) Behr paint chips matched very well to the shades on my Le Creuset crock:

The Behr "Cobalt Glaze" (570B-7) paint chip didn't seem to match any of them ...

More Information

Unfortunately, I can't link directly to the galleries at the Behr website, but if on the Behr homepage you mouse over "be inspired", there's a drop-down menu.

If you click on "Visit Our Galleries", choose "Browse Interior Images", go to "Colors" and pick "Blue", the Behr website has several rooms to look at.

You might be surprised at the Behr color shades that are used for each of the final results. They seemed very light, so I investigated further.

As it turns out, paints look darker and brighter when painted over a large area than they do on the chip or even in the can. So "Cobalt glaze" might turn out to be the right shade after all.

Here's how to try it out for yourself.

Find something moveable (I would use poster board or thin plywood) to paint on. Paint a large sample (at least 11"x14"), then carry it to the room or area you want to paint -- you'll be able to see right away how it will work in the lighting you have there.

If you adore a particular shade of paint and it's too dark when painted over a large area, consider using it for edging or accent instead of painting it over the whole wall.

Which Behr Paint Color Worked Best For You?

Have you found the perfect Behr paint color for your cobalt blue room, or a great exterior paint shade? Share it with us!

Please include some photos so we can see what the paint looks like in real life.

Read about how cobalt blue colors are made

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